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Watercolorist & Visual Artist


Since 2002, Amanda Littlejohn has domestically and internationally studied and practiced visual arts with an emphasis in painting and drawing. Amanda is a Tennessee based artist whose artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and is housed in private collections from San Francisco to New England.

Margaret Stahl in Frame with Watermark
Framed Murdock WM
Ravnaas Home WM
16"x20" watercolor on Arches
Frankie watermarked
emmie in a frame_edited-1
Smith 2 WM
McCormick Coast WM
8"x10" watercolor on Arches
Ravnaas Pup w orig WM
16"x20" watercolor on Arches
8"x10" watercolor on Arches
8"x10" watercolor on Arches Work in Progress
8"x10" watercolor on Arches
8"x10" watercolor on Arches
11"x14" watercolor on Arches
Bryson marked for social media_edited-1.
11"x14" watercolor on Arches
Hand-cut Silhouette on Fine Art Paper
8"x10" watercolor on Arches
11"x14" watercolor on Arches
B&W Snapshot of 8"x10" watercolor on Arches



Amanda Littlejohn Fine Art was born out of a combination of my collegiate and post-graduate education, training, and life experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary.

Connecting with people through visual arts is the driving force behind my need to create art. Portraiture, specifically, has been enriching and fulfilling beyond my expectations. Each portrait tells a story, and I am so honored to be a part of retelling that story.

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Contact Me

Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, waitlist or commission requests, or if you'd just like to say hello, please contact me through this form, and I'll reach out to you as soon as possible.


Stay up to date with schedule openings, workshops, classes, and special events.

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